Bryant Bankers Explain New Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Vision & Mission Statement

Our new vision statement is, “To see every Alabamian experience a financially stable future and live in a thriving community.”
Our new mission statement is, “We put care into action to help Alabamians invest in their full potential.”Let’s hear a little more about both of these new guiding principles from Bryant Bank President, Claude Edwards:

“We put care into action in many different ways. It can be as simple as greeting someone when they walk in the door with a friendly hello. It can be helping someone work through how they will buy their first car or buying their first home. It can be working through an extremely complicated financial transaction with one of the businesses we work with. Or it can be working with organizations in the community using our financial resources and our volunteer hours to try to help make our communities better and stronger. Bryant Bank is different than many other banks out there. The difference is our bankers. We want our bankers to believe in and live our vision and mission statement because we care.

It’s very important for Bryant Bank to have a vision and mission statement. We’ve all been living this vision and mission statement for quite some time. We want it to make our bankers feel empowered to go out in the community and deliver the high level of community service and customer service that we’ve always been known for.”

Core Values

  1. We put our family first
  2. We put care into action
  3. We rise by lifting others
  4. We aspire to be legendary
  5. We empower potential
  6. We preserve our traditional culture while embracing innovation
  7. We are collaborative partners and not just providers

When you read through these core values, they sound really good. But what does it all really mean? We know there is a lot of meaning behind them, but there’s no better way to truly explain what our new core values mean than hearing it straight from our bankers.

We put our family first.

Laurie Brasher, VP of loan operations, has been with Bryant Bank since opening day over 13 years ago. She says that Bryant Bank puts family first in many ways. “We really take into account that we’re dealing with human beings, and we are human beings. This is not a perfect world, and there are no perfect solutions. But Bryant Bank really takes the time to understand and get to the bottom of what our customers truly need. Our bankers take time to really ask questions and make sure they are providing a service, not just a product.”

Patti Ratliff is our Human Resources director, and she has been with Bryant Bank for 11 years. Here’s what she had to say in regard to putting family first: “I think about our employees. We work together every day and are together with coworkers more than our own families. We want it to be like family; to know we care and support each other. I often tell new bankers that I like to describe our bank as having a lot of little families that make up a great big family. From a customer standpoint, we want them to be drawn in and feel like a part of that family too. When they come in, we want to make them feel special, call them by name, take care of their needs, and be there in other times too. Family is one of the most important things we can offer to customers and employees.”

We put care into action.

Natalie Spot, our branch manager of Bryant Bank Trussville has also been with us for 13 years. She says that putting care into action is not something we do, it’s who we are. “When I put care into action everyday it’s more than creating relationships. It’s about developing friendships. I feel very proud to work for an organization that values caring for people. It is the expectation to create genuine relationships and go above and beyond in those relationships whenever possible. I feel like if you’re going to serve, you should serve the city and community you’re surrounded by.”

We rise by lifting others.

Samantha Chapel works as a Bryant Bank commercial support specialist in Huntsville and has been with the bank for over eight years. She says Bryant Bank’s success is part of building others up and always keeping the needs of the community as a priority in everything. “As we help businesses and those in the community achieve their goals and dreams, we are also able to achieve ours because ultimately when the community succeeds, we all succeed.”

Rusty Stiles is a Bryant Bank loan officer, and he says that rising by lifting others means actively participating in community involvement and going out to spend time before and after work. In doing this, he says Bryant Bank and its employees can be connected to the community, and he’s thankful the bank gives employees opportunities to do this.

We aspire to be legendary.

Max Karrh has been with Bryant Bank for 13 years and is a senior VP and commercial banker. He says aspiring to be legendary is all about putting customers first. “Our customers will remember us as the bankers who helped them achieve their financial goals by giving them the tools and resources they need. Building relationships is why I do this job. I love to sit down with customers, discuss their financial goals, and what they need to do to achieve them. When they start executing the plan, I am here to cheer them along and to help when things are going right and wrong. Relationship is everything. It helps us build strong communities because people see each other and network in the business world. They know they can rely on Bryant Bank bankers to be there when challenges arrive. We have the tools and resources to help them. We are helping each individual customer meet their financial goals, and if we can meet those goals, everybody can prosper.”

To empower potential.

Matt Fetner, a senior VP in the Baldwin County market, has been with Bryant Bank for 13 years as well.

He says empowering potential is all about Bryant Bank giving its employees free rein and ability to take care of customers the way they are able. It’s about doing what’s best for them, without being painted into a box to act a certain way or say certain things. “We are able to meet them where they are and take care of them. When a customer is empowered, you see them grow and see businesses thrive. It’s exciting to be a part of that and know you helped out by providing financing for an expansion, etc.”

Kristi Ray is a  branch manager and has been with Bryant Bank since the beginning of 2010. “We give the tools and knowledge to customers to help them reach their goals, both short term and long term. The feeling you get in empowering a customer in helping them meet their goals is very satisfying, whether you are helping them plan their wedding, buy their first house, send their kids off to school, or teaching them how to save.”

We preserve our traditional culture while embracing innovation.

Elizabeth Allen, COO, has been with Bryant Bank since 2004 before the bank’s doors officially opened in 2005. She explains that a traditional community banking culture means involvement in the community where you are. It’s about building relationships with the people who bank with us. “We care about more than just an account or the numbers. We want to be engaged and involved and support people in helping them prosper in their banking needs. We make a difference because when we are truly engaged, we understand what’s going on in the community and can help make it better by providing assistance as needed.” In regard to innovation, she says it can change people’s lives, make things easier, make things more accurate and more convenient. “As it comes along in the banking industry, we want to embrace this and deliver it to our customers.”

Rusty Hoyt, senior VP, and director of information technology and information security agrees, and says it’s important to embrace technology in order to provide services and products that people need. He adds that it is also equally important that customers don’t have to deal with technology. It should be an easy process to embrace innovation. “As the banking industry continues to change and as Bryant Bank continues to grow, it’s important that we utilize emerging technology going forward to provide additional products and services to customers as well as assisting employees in providing the best banking relationship to our customers.”

We are collaborative partners and not just providers.

Tracy Williams, head teller at Bryant Bank’s North River location, has been with the bank for eight years. She says being collaborative partners means not just meeting customers’ financial needs, but being a partner. “I talk to them and get to know their needs and their families so that I can help in any way I can.”

Cory Reamer, with Bryant Bank for over three years, works in our capital markets and correspondent banking group. He says working with customers is all about having a relationship and being someone they can come to for help. He wants customers to see him as someone who is helping achieve their goals. “We’re not just providing a service, and if there’s something we don’t know or can’t do, we will try to help figure that out for them. We are here to help them succeed.”

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