Bryant Bank’s Purpose

To share our financial knowledge and experience with fellow Alabamians so that families have the opportunity to get ahead, businesses grow, and our community thrives.  Simply put, we care because Alabama is our home, too.

Bryant Bank’s Vision Statement (our why!)

To see every Alabamian experience a financially stable future and live in a thriving community.

Bryant Bank’s Mission Statement (how we do what we do!)

We put care into action to help Alabamians invest in their full potential.

Bryant Bank’s Core Values (what we do!)

We put our family first.

The state of Alabama isn’t just another market for us.  It’s our home.  Our Bryant Bankers, our customers, and our Alabama communities are our family.  We will work tirelessly each day to help them build confidence for a bright future because, for us, family is at the heart of what matters most.

We put care into action.

Bryant Bankers are real people with real emotions who care deeply for the people we encounter.  With every transaction or every interaction, or every phone call answered, we are on a mission to enrich the lives of our customers.  To do this, we promise to be present and always accessible, and will offer unbeatable service at all times.

We rise by lifting others.

At Bryant Bank, our caring and our willingness to lend a hand are what makes a difference for others.  Our entire team is committed to making a lasting impact and will strive to provide stability for fellow Alabamians.  We are proud to be servant leaders on whom you can depend.

We aspire to be legendary.

We are proud to be Alabama’s bank of the community, for the community, and will do everything with exceptional ethics and integrity in mind.  Bryant Bankers will always offer sound advice and honest evaluations and our relationships will be built based on trust and transparent communication.  Together, this will allow us to help Alabama build legendary communities.

We empower potential.

Bryant Bankers have a strong desire to see every customer succeed and will be an advocate and a champion for them.  To empower this potential, we must invest in our bankers so that they are positioned to lead with energy and know how to encourage possibilities.  We take great pride in what we do because we make a difference.

We preserve our traditional culture while embracing innovation together.

Bryant Bank is proud of our rich history and our traditional way of banking.  But as one of Alabama’s strongest community banks, we must continually renew our commitment to evolve while our industry evolves as well.  We will find creative and authentic ways to help our customers get ahead in life while remaining true to who we are.

We are collaborative partners, not just providers.

Bryant Bank is more than just a financial service provider in Alabama.  We are inspired to be the community bank and partner that works with others to design solutions to challenges.  Our collaborative efforts will also provide convenience and ease for our customers so that they never have to miss a moment with the ones they love most.