Turning Banking Into Thanking 2022

Turning Banking Into Thanking has put smiles on so many faces, including ours. Each year, Bryant Bank surprises local nonprofits with a financial gift or puts care into action through service. In 2022, we supported 30 nonprofits through this initiative! We hope that your holiday season has been as blessed as ours has too. Enjoy this video that highlights our mission to put care into action every day.

When Bryant Bankers came together to form the company’s core values, one word continuously came up in conversation: caring. The bank cares about its customers and its employees but as we’ve come to realize, we’re not the only ones who put care into action. With this feature series of short films, we’re proud to highlight people and organizations throughout the state of Alabama that epitomize the Power of Caring.

Bryant Bank Presents The Power of Caring

John Boy's Place

When Leslie Gafford and her husband, John received John’s ALS diagnosis, they quickly realized the urgency in making their bucket list travels a reality. While both John and Leslie were able to visit a few trips together before John passed, she deeply regrets the fact that she couldn’t arrange one last family vacation due to lack of properties to suit John’s limited physical abilities.
“I tried my best to come up with one last adventure that we could do as a family,” says Leslie, “I looked at mountains, beaches, lakes, peaceful wooded areas, tourist traps and off the beaten path, but in each instance, I saw aspects of the home or condo that would not be amenable to John’s needs and our abilities.”
Through the power of caring, Leslie would eventually figure out the nuts and bolts of starting a nonprofit to raise the money to fund free weeklong stays for patients and their families. It would not only be a way to honor John, whose life ended much too soon, but also to help other families make memories together.

Caring and Community Goes Hand-in-Hand for This Alabama Organization

Grace Klein Community is an Alabama nonprofit that knows that food insecurity can affect anyone – even your next-door neighbor who has a 9-to-5 job. The organization is working tirelessly to shine a bright light on Alabamians in need with food donation drive-thrus. Every day, they’re inspiring more and more people to look for ways to help their communities.

Dad Inspires Others with Notes on Napkins

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that have the greatest impact and that’s what this dad has done. For years, this Alabama dad has been writing little notes on napkins and placing them in his kids’ lunchboxes. Some of them are sweet, and some are downright hilarious.  He calls them Napkinisms.

It started out as a fun, silly way to let his kids know they are loved. But today, Napkinisms has become a way to make thousands of kids smile. As you will see, telling people that you care about them and that they are loved makes a tremendous difference. Enjoy learning about Napkinisms!

You Are Loved – The Sign Guy

“Something as simple as a $2 poster board and Sharpie… $2 and some free time can save a life.”

By putting care into action with something as simple as a message on a poster board, Caleb found a purpose for his own life, while making a difference for others too.  When he stood on Huntsville streets holding a sign that said, “You are loved,” he not only inspired others – he saved his own life.  During these unprecedented times, this simple message comes at a time where it is important for us to be reminded that we are loved.

The Story of Lester Potts and Bringing Art to Life

We are excited to partner with This is Alabama as we share more stories about Alabamians who put care into action to help others!

Dr. Daniel Potts, a Neurologist in Tuscaloosa, shares his story of living with a parent that had Dementia.  As his father, Lester, rapidly descended into Dementia, the family was amazed with his beautiful ability to paint, a new-found hobby that never existed before his time at Caring Days. Creating this art truly blossomed him.

Through Dr. Potts’ experience, he began to see hope and promise, not someone that is less than or having lost anything.  Being the best son and physician that he could, he wanted to put care into action for his dad.  That’s when Bringing Art to Life was created. This program connects students with adults living with Dementia and introduces them to art therapy.

The Legacy of Be Like Walt and the Gary Family

Walt Gary, born April 27, 1983, was raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  To know Walt was to love him.  Walt was born with Down Syndrome but often called it Up Syndrome.  He was a model of courage, enthusiasm, and optimism, seeing the glass half full instead of half empty.  As Walt grew up, he became an avid Alabama fan, a lover of country music, a great employee, and so much more.

After his passing on June 6, 2019, the Be Like Walt movement was created as a way to encourage living life like Walt, a life full of positivity and optimism.

Bryant Bank has been fortunate to know the Gary family for many years. For generations, they have put care into action in the West Alabama community.  They are advocates for children and adults with disabilities and have made a lasting impact by spearheading efforts that have resulted in programs and services which provide opportunities for all.

Merrimack Hall

Debra Jenkins was looking for a collaborative partner to help turn her vision of a place where children with special needs can participate in extracurricular activities such as dance, theatre, and fine arts into a reality.  Ken Watson and the Bryant Bank Huntsville team were with her from day one.  Today, Merrimack Hall is a haven for both children and adults with special needs to participate in everything from yoga to putting on full theatrical performances.  Their work is truly inspiring.  We’re proud to feature Merrimack Hall in the first installment of our new video series: The Power of Caring.

For more information on Merrimack Hall, please visit their website here.