Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Bryant Bank is proud of our rich history and our traditional way of banking. But as one of Alabama’s strongest community banks, we must continuously renew our commitment to evolve while our industry evolves as well.  

Our Mission

Our Mission

Why do we do what we do every day?  We care because Alabama is our home, too.

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“I often tell people that Bryant Bank is many small families that makeup one large family” – Patty Ratliff, HR Director.  At Bryant Bank, we put our family first. Looking for a career that’s both rewarding and in a culture that makes you feel at home?

Our Brand Story:

The details, exceptional customer service, personal relationships, and customer success — Bryant Bank cares because those things matter.

To be legendary, we put care into action and work hard each day so that every Alabamian can experience a financially stable future.  While banking will change and communities will grow, our traditional culture will remain consistent as we embrace innovation and change together.

We will do everything with exceptional ethics and integrity in mind. We will offer sound advice and honest evaluations, always.  Our relationships will be built on trust and communication.

We care because family is at the heart of what matters most.  And, in doing so, our customers reach their full potential, businesses excel, and Alabama thrives.

Founded in 2005, Bryant Bank proudly operates 18 branches located in five of the six largest metropolitan markets in the state of Alabama: Huntsville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, and Baldwin County.  We offer personal, business, and mortgage banking services as well as Treasury Management Services, Correspondent Banking, and Capital Markets.

Turning Banking Into Thanking!

Community Statement

We Rise by Lifting Others

At Bryant Bank, our caring and our willingness to lend a hand is what makes a difference for others.  Our entire team is committed to making a lasting impact and strives to provide stability for fellow Alabamians.  This commitment to service begins at the top and works its way down. Our community support comes in a variety of forms and includes volunteer work, philanthropic giving, corporate programs, and both financial and non-financial educational events with a focus on the underserved, underprivileged, child welfare, and child education.

We are proud to be servant leaders on whom you can depend.