Aspire to be Legendary?  So do we.

Let our Treasury Management Services assist you on the road to business success.

Since we started in 2005, it was important to Bryant Bank to help Alabama businesses reach their full potential – no matter their size!  To do this, we equipped our bank with a full suite of Treasury Management Services. Below we identify many ways that we can help business customers through our Treasury Management Services team.

Your Bryant Bank Treasury Management Features


  • Bryant Bank can assist you with your receivables by creating a plan to streamline and simplify deposits while making the process more cost-effective and improving the availability of funds.


  • When Bryant Bank assists with your payables, we will help minimize operational costs and control payment timing, which increases productivity, efficiency, and profitability.  We can also automate and integrate disbursements to identify control gaps and minimize your risk of loss.  At the end of the day, this will decrease paperwork and the time that your employees spend processing payables.


  • Fraud protection is incredibly important to us because we care about your business. When we assist with fraud protection, we can help you exercise industry best practices for online security, and we can identify gaps and potential risks to reduce the risk of loss.  Our tools also help reduce risk through early detection and can protect accounts by offering dual control for online payments.

Information Reporting:

  • When we help with information reporting, your business will be able to make financial decisions much quicker and easier while also improving management control.  With this reporting, you will have the ability to move money quicker and easier, as needed, and can optimize the ability to position cash and manage your liquidity.

Deposit Management:

  • The Deposit Management services provide automatic funds movement to help manage working capital and invest long term cash.  This service will also address needs for operating cash flow flexibility while improving the availability of funds.

Your Bryant Bank Treasury Management Services

We’re here to help Alabama’s business thrive and are proud to offer a full suite of Treasury Management products and services designed to help customers manage their day-to-day business functions.

Business Online Banking

  • Access to balance and transaction information on demand deposit, loan and investment accounts
  • Links to images of cleared checks and deposits
  • Easily transfer funds between Bryant Bank accounts
  • Online Wires, Online Stop Payments
  • Email Alerts
  • Download, search, and sort capabilities
  • Multi-level Security (administrator can add users and control privileges and access)
  • Electronic Documents
  • Dashboard – quick look and links to important functions

Remote Deposit

  • Deposit checks directly from the office!
  • Deposit to multiple accounts, from multiple locations
  • Transaction and Image Archive
  • Reporting
  • Multi-level Security

Sweep Services

  • Multi-level Sweep
  • Zero Balance Account Sweep (ZBA)
  • Investment Sweep – Overnight Repurchase Agreement
  • Credit Line Sweep
  • Combination Net Sweep (Investment and Line of Credit)

ACH Services

  • Consumer and Commercial Payments
  • Direct Deposit
  • Automated Drafts
  • Vendor Payments
  • State and Federal Tax Payments
  • EDI Reporting – Electronic reporting of payment information

Account Management and Fraud Reduction Services

  • Positive Pay Fraud Prevention/Detection
  • ACH Block and Filtering
  • Full Reconcilement
  • Partial Reconcilement
  • Deposit Reconcilement
  • Files and Reporting
  • CDs of Statements, Cleared Items, and Deposited Items

Analyzed Account Services with Earnings Credit Rate (ECR)

  • Utilize balances in your account to offset or reduce service charges
  • Ability to group related accounts for most benefit
  • Receive detailed statements via Online Banking


Your Business is Your Pride and Joy

That calls for a collaborative partner, not just a financial provider. And maybe a good set of directions too. Contact your local Bryant Bank today so that we can help map your own way to a financially stable future for you and your business through our Treasury Management Services.