By now we hope that you’ve seen the announcement regarding Bryant Bank’s upgrade to a new digital banking platform.  Beginning June 22nd, you will engage with a new Bryant Bank Online and Mobile Banking that brings together some of your favorite features, is simpler to navigate, and very secure. It’s a digital banking system that truly works for you.


What does this mean for you, and what can you expect? 

Change can sometimes be difficult; especially given the recent times we have been faced with.  Everyone we know has had to adapt to some type of change the past few months.  We want to assure you that our goal is to offer a seamless transition and to help make your life a bit easier.  After all, isn’t that what digital banking is all about?

Once you’ve converted and you’re exploring the new Bryant Bank Online and Mobile Banking App, you’ll quickly realize you do not lose any of the functionality that you love most with our existing platform.  However, you’ll notice that several features are improved, work more seamlessly, and will be easier to find.  You’ll truly have banking and card management at your fingertips, all day, every day.


A few things that we would like to highlight for you:

  • Swipe left, swipe right! No, not your dating profile, but to turn your debit card off and on!  Today, Bryant Bank offers MyCardRules.  This separate app allows you to control your debit card with the click of a button from your mobile device.  The good news?  It will now be integrated into our new digital banking experience!  A second app will no longer be needed.  After logging into the system for the first time on June 22nd, you’ll see this function now referenced as Card Management.  Important note:  The existing MyCardRules app will be disabled on June 12th.
  • For those of us who are introverts, you’ll appreciate the new conversation feature. Through the Message function, you can now chat with Bryant Bankers online.
  • Do you like to establish alerts with your bank accounts? Us too.  With this upgrade, you’ll be pleased with near real-time transaction alerts.  How’s that for service!
  • If your Enneagram number is one, you’ll love this. For our customers who love organization, you will now have the ability to add notes, tags, and receipts to all of your transactions.
  • Manage your money all in one place! We’re here to help you invest in your full potential and having the tools that allow you to budget and set goals is important.  The new and improved Bryant Money Manager will be available at your fingertips.  You can also add external accounts, which allows you to have a comprehensive look at your finances all in one place.

These are just a few of the many things we are excited about, and hope you are too.


Important Information:

As we near the date of the conversion it is important to remember a few things:

  • June 12th: The existing MyCardRules app becomes disabled.  It will be integrated into our new digital banking experience and will now be referred to as Card Management.
  • June 19th: Your online banking will be in “View Only” mode beginning 2 p.m. and until the conversion takes place.
  • June 22nd: The new system will be live that morning.
  • FIRST TIME LOGIN: You will use the same username that you’ve always had. Your temporary password will be the last four (4) digits of your social security number.  Once logged in, you’ll be required to update your password.


For more detailed information, visit BryantBank.com/DigitalConversion or contact your local Bryant Banker. 
As always, we appreciate your loyalty and look forward to offering you this enhanced digital banking experience!