The Many Benefits of Working with a Local Bank

Tuscaloosa Bryant Bankers volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

There are a lot of banks out there. Big banks, online banks, banks that handle everything digitally. There’s a place for all of that, and we know that everyone has their preferences when it comes to how they bank.

But we feel strongly that the best option is working with your local, community bank. It truly makes a world of difference. Bryant Bank is Alabama owned and operated by Alabamians. We believe that our commitment to and understanding of the community and local market conditions enables us to understand you and respond better to your needs.

We work in our community and are involved in what’s going on locally and statewide. Our employees invest their time, money, and efforts back into the community with various projects and charities.

We are familiar with our communities and those who are living, working, and banking there. Big banks care most about moving people in and out. I know this because I worked at one. I also know that approach makes it difficult to establish relationships not only with customers but also with coworkers. We are a family at Bryant Bank. People work here and stay here, so when you come in to handle your banking needs, you’re familiar with the faces you see.

Recognizing the same faces every time often makes people much more comfortable and at ease, especially when it comes to large transactions like mortgages. Going through the process of getting a mortgage is a big deal, and everyone always has questions. Rather than calling an automated line and waiting forever, when you work with us, you can come by my office or give me a quick call anytime.

Customer service is very important to us, and we feel confident saying that you’re almost always going to get better service from a local, community bank. Speaking for myself and as mentioned above, I am always available in the office or over the phone. I’m sometimes even available when I’m NOT at the office. I’ve taken applications at my kitchen table!

That is certainly not the norm for banks in general or for really large banks, but it is the norm for us.  While other banks in our community may sell or change, Bryant Bank is here for the long-haul.  As demonstrated with our commitment to the community, I think you can see that Bryant Bank is dedicated to being Alabama’s community bank.  We’re local and we will always operate on our community’s needs.

By Archie Weaver, VP, Mortgage Loan Officer (NMLS 264050)