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Bryant Bank began to offer Correspondent Banking Services to serve the needs of communities and fellow community bankers in the state of Alabama. Bryant Bank provides real-time cash management solutions.  Through our user-friendly online platform, Bryant Core, customers also have access to Settlement/Clearing, Fed Funds, Bond Accounting and Safekeeping Services, International Wire and Domestic Wire services that are tailored to serve your needs.

We also offer fixed income bond sales via our Capital Markets Division.

Bryant Bank Correspondent Benefits and Services


  • Offers internal efficiencies
  • Same day issue resolutions
  • Increased profitability with overnight sweep into a fed funds pool
  • Experienced community bankers to assist you with day-to-day transactions


  • Settlement Clearing
    • Reflects real time transactions
    • Earns market rates on overnight funds
    • Eliminate FRB daylight/overnight overdrafts
    • Competitive earnings credit rate on cash balances at Bryant Bank
  • Fed Funds
    • Automatically sweeps excess funds over the target balance into overnight fed funds.
    • Excess Reserve Account
    • Funds and interest automatically reinvested into your account daily
    • Quarterly monitoring of purchasing banks and compliance with Regulation F
    • No added fees for drawdowns and incoming investment wires
  • Domestic Wires
    • OFAC notifications
    • Offer contingency backup
    • Late wire accommodations and group wires
    • Incoming/outgoing wire notifications (email and online)
  • International
    • Foreign Wire Transfers (outgoing and incoming)
    • Foreign Cash Currency Orders/Shipments

Bryant Core Features

  • Reporting
  • ACH Services
  • OFAC Services
  • Wire Transfers
  • Daily Statements
  • Secure, user-friendly platform
  • Intra-Day Dashboard of Account
  • Contingency for Fedline

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