Founding member of Bryant Bank inducted into Tuscaloosa Civic Hall of Fame

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – On October 30th, Mr. Sam Phelps was inducted into the 2012 class of the Tuscaloosa Civic Hall of Fame. He was recognized for his significant contributions to the overall development of Tuscaloosa County. Mr. Phelps was a long-term and highly respected practicing attorney in Tuscaloosa, but his most significant accomplishment in our community may have been the pivotal role that he played in developing the DCH Health System of West Alabama into what it is so proudly known as today.

He served on the DCH Health System Board of Directors and was the Board’s Chairman from 1976 to 2000. During Mr. Phelps’ tenure as Chairman, the DCH hospitals grew into a regional medical center that continues to serve multiple West Alabama counties with a regional cancer treatment center, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and a home health agency. He also played a major role in establishing the Healthcare Authority Act, which allows public hospitals, such as DCH, to compete with for-profit hospitals.

As one of the founders of Bryant Bank, Mr. Phelps’ influence helped to mold the bank to have a strong commitment to community service. Consistent with Bryant Bank’s strong focus on service, community service runs in the Phelps’ family, as Mrs. Mary Ann Phelps (pictured above), Sam’s wife, was inducted into the Tuscaloosa Civic Hall of Fame in 2002. The ceremony honoring Mr. Phelps for his outstanding achievements in the community was held at Government Plaza in Tuscaloosa.