Favorite Alabama Day Trips – Part 1

Just came back from your vacation but still feeling like you could use another one? Don’t we all!

Well, we have you covered! We’re not talking about trips to the Bahamas or touring Europe for three weeks, we are talking about day trips in our very own Sweet Home Alabama! We’ve asked our Bryant Bankers about their favorite getaways in Alabama and outside of Bryant-Denny (Roll Tide) or Jordan-Hare (War Eagle), there are many beautiful places to visit!

Enjoy this two-part series, courtesy of our Bryant Bankers!


robinson_islandThis may not be the Bahamas it is honestly our local version of the Bahamas with its clear green water and beautiful white sand. Robinson Island is only a few hundred yards from the Perdido Bridge or Caribe Condos. Robinson Island is the most popular island out of all the Orange Beach islands.

A boat ride and a day spent on the island will feel like you were in a different country for a day. Isn’t that what we all want? Rent a couple of kayaks and stand up paddle boards and spend a day on the island with a group of friends or together with your partner to relax and destress. “It’s paradise in the middle of paradise,” Greg Walker (Daphne), said.



noccalula_fallsAlways wanted to go to the Niagara Falls but just haven’t had the opportunity to go? Visit the Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, Alabama instead. The main feature of the park is the 90-foot waterfall. Now you’re thinking, why would I take a day trip to look at a waterfall for a maximum of 15 minutes? No worries, they have hiking trails along the water, a petting zoo for kids, camping facilities, a train, playgrounds, and many picnic areas.

“It’s a great outdoor option and I also grew up there!” Melissa Jones, Birmingham.

Click here to enjoy this video of the park after a Spring rain!



splash_adventureThis day trip might be much needed during the summer heat in Alabama. Cool down in the pools of the Splash Adventure Water Park in Bessemer, Alabama and let the kids enjoy the different slides such as the Twister, FreeFall and Neptune’s Plunge.

“My two boys love to enjoy the rides and slides, but you’ll definitely find me relaxing in the lazy river.” Laura Williams, Birmingham.

If the slides aren’t adventurous enough for you and the kids, then there’s the Alabama Adventure Amusement Park. An amusement park full of attractions for adults and kids!



tigers_tomorrowTigers for Tomorrow isn’t your ordinary zoo exhibit. It’s a last stop preserve. The animals that come to live with Tigers for Tomorrow remain there for the rest of their lives. In Attala, AL (an hour north of Birmingham), the park is home to a variety of lions, tigers, and bears (and Ligers, yes, they do exist outside of Napoleon Dynamite’s world). All in, it is as close to a real-life exhibit area as possible. No concrete floors and steel cages here, just open areas with fencing.

“A trip here, with a stop in Avondale for Post Office Pies and/or SAW’s BBQ, is a pretty perfect day!” Patrick Hamner, Tuscaloosa Main Office.

The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take! We encourage you to use the opportunity to take a break from reality and visit some of the places we can be proud to have in Alabama. We still have two months until the football season begins again so we invite you to give these day trips a try!

We’ll have the second part of this series out soon and we invite you to send some pictures our way if you decide to make the trip to one of these locations. We would love to see them so tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.