The Bryant Bank brand represents our bank, our bankers, and our community: the state of Alabama. Our brand is prominent throughout the markets we serve and it is imperative that our marks and colors be used in a consistent manner throughout the state. Any communication or marketing piece both digital and print using the Bryant Bank name and/or logo must be approved by the local City President or the bank’s Marketing Director. Organizations seeking a logo for banners, signs, t-shirts, or websites are welcome to download the appropriate file below.


The Bryant Bank master logo should be used whenever possible with the bank’s primary colors: Bryant Red & Bryant Gray (see below). The alternate logo should only be used in situations that involve a compact or square-shaped area. One-color logos should be presented in white except for being used with other one-color logos for print purposes (e.g. the back of a 5K t-shirt with multiple sponsor logos all in one color).

Master Logo

Bryant Bank Logo
Master with Gray Text EPS PNG
Master with White Text EPS PNG
Master One-Color (White) EPS PNG

Alternate Logo

Alternate with Gray Text EPS PNG
Alternate with White Text EPS PNG
Alternate One-Color (White) EPS PNG


For Bryant Bank promotional items, communications pieces, or other print or digital publications, the primary and accent colors below are the only approved color scheme for official use. Any other color scheme is prohibited from use in official pieces.

Primary Colors


R: 179, G: 8, B: 56
C: 0, M: 100, Y: 63, K:29

Pantone: 201
Hex: b30838


R: 77, G: 77, B: 79
C: 0, M: 0, Y: 0, K: 85

Pantone: N/A
Hex: 4d4d4f

Accent Colors

R: 65, G: 84, B: 100
C: 77, M: 60, Y: 44, K:25

Pantone: 7545
Hex: 415464

R: 134, G: 176, B: 155
C: 51, M: 17, Y: 44, K: 0

Pantone: 557
Hex: 86b09b

R: 182, G: 199, B: 206
C: 29, M: 14, Y: 14, K: 0

Pantone: N/A
Hex: b6c7ce

R: 113, G: 15, B: 23
C: 32, M: 99, Y: 92, K: 45

Pantone: N/A
Hex: 710f17