Correspondent Banking Services


Settlement Clearing

• Reflects real time transactions

• Earn market rates on overnight funds

• Eliminate FRB daylight/overnight overdrafts

• Competitive earnings credit rate on cash balances at Bryant Bank

Fed Funds

• Reduce credit risk by redistribution of funds  across multiple, strongly capitalized banks

• Automatically sweeps all excess balances into over night fed funds or the Federal Reserve Bank

 Excess Reserve Account

• Funds & interest automatically reinvested into your account daily

• Quarterly monitoring of purchasing banks & compliance with Regulation F

• No added fees for drawdowns and incoming investment wires

Online Services

Bryant Core

 • Reporting

• ACH services

• OFAC services

• Wire Transfers

• Daily Statements

• Secure, user friendly platform

• Intra-Day Dashboard of Account

• Contingency for Fedline

Domestic Wires

• OFAC notifications

• Offer contingency backup

• Late wire accommodations & group wires

• Incoming/outgoing wire notifications

  (email and online)


• Foreign Wire Transfers

  (outgoing and incoming)

• Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts

• Foreign Cash Currency Orders/Shipments

• Foreign Drafts