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Sharp Communications


A Sneak Peak Into Bryant Bank's Legendary Customers
Featuring Sharp Communications

Sharp Communications, a family-owned/family-run business, has been part of the Bryant Bank family for a few years now.  Trey Sharp serves as the CEO.

In the late 1970s, Trey's dad, Tom Sharp Jr., began selling two-way radios (aka "walkie-talkies") out of his dad's tire store.  After some success, Tom took out a second mortgage to go into business for himself.  He bought out a two-way radio business and through hard work and determination had sales of $1,000,000 in his first year of running the business.  The rest, as they say, is history.

The relationship with Bryant Bank began around 2010 when Bryant Banker, Chris Lindsey, began calling on Trey.  After a few years, the existing banking relationship for Sharp Communications had begun to change and Bryant Bank became the real choice for them.

According to Trey, Bryant Bank has had a stable team of great people.  The Huntsville team knows all of his staff by name and are happy to handle any problem for them, big or small.  Trey appreciates that it's a very relationship-driven environment and says "You feel good about doing business with them".

Chris continues to stay in touch and works hard to maintain the relationship.  Through constant communication, Trey will realize new things that Bryant Bank can help him with, even when it wasn't on his radar.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, customers find that a partnership with a community bank such as Bryant Bank can be very successful and rewarding.  Trey talks about this so well:

"Both the bank and the business needs to recognize the value in one another.  They must be committed to a long-term partnership, not "winning" a little better rate on this or that day.  You will have ups and downs in any business, so you want a banking partner who knows you, understands you and your business, and who can add value over the long haul.  Your choice in banking will have big effects on your business over time and is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner.  The difference in a quarter point of interest with this bank, or that bank, is dwarfed by the importance of the relationship you have with your bank."

He continued, "I've worked with the really big banks and community banks and I've become a big believer that the community-oriented banks, such as Bryant Bank, are a much better way for a small business to go.  The decision-making is local, and, sometimes, as a small business owner, you will be asking for a decision to be made on the basis of your reputation or background.  It's much easier to get these types of decisions made with a community bank rather than having your loan passed through a chain of multiple loan committees in far-away cities and judged purely on metrics, ratios, and formulas.  It also seems to me that well-run community banks are more stable and easier to have a long-term relationship with.  Chris and Bryant Bank have just been awesome to work with from day one and have definitely helped make our business more successful."

It is our honor to work with Trey and the Sharp Communications team.  It's partners like this that are helping Alabama build legendary communities every day!

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