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Pay Securely and Conveniently with Apple Pay and More

We recently introduced the new mission, vision, and core values of Bryant Bank. One of our core values is, “We preserve our traditional culture while embracing innovation.”

This is an area where we are always looking for ways to improve, to embrace technology, and to offer new opportunities to our customers. We know that life is busy, and it can also be stressful with the “go, go, go” mentality many of us have. This is part of the reason why we care so much about embracing technology. It’s our responsibility to make our customers lives a little bit easier when it comes to their financial needs and wellbeing.

Whether it’s MyCardRules, mobile check deposits, online banking, instant debit cards, or with our newest offering -- mobile wallets -- we’re committed to investing in the technology that helps make everyday life easier for our Alabama families.

What is a mobile wallet?

In a nutshell, a mobile wallet is like a digital debit card that is now offered to Bryant Bank debit card holders through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Fitbit Pay. The two biggest benefits are enhanced security and convenience, which we will explore more in this post.

Let’s think about the traditional leather wallet for a minute. Maybe it’s in your purse, or maybe you keep it in your back pocket all the time. It’s where you keep cash, credit cards, your traditional debit card, driver’s license, insurance information, and more. It is responsible for keeping up with a lot of really important information.

It’s also extremely unsecure. If you lose your wallet and can’t find it, all of those important pieces that help keep your life running smoothly are gone. And worse, they could be stolen and taken advantage of by someone with less than ideal intentions. In a flash, some, if not all, of your money could be gone.

A mobile wallet such as Apple Pay helps solve many of these issues. It can combat theft, simplify your finances, and add convenience to your life.

The term “mobile wallet” is not something we made up ourselves at Bryant Bank, but it is a blanket descriptor for a range of technologies that let you perform many tasks, particularly in the way you pay for things. We’re excited to offer this technology to our customers. 

Why is a mobile wallet so secure?

A mobile wallet is based on encryption software that substitutes your traditional debit card during monetary transactions. You benefit from the protection and convenience.

Mobile wallet users are assigned a digital account number by Visa that is different from their actual debit card number. When you use a mobile wallet, an alternative card number is created that links to that digital account. This process creates a secure way to pay a transaction because the alternate card number is only valid when used from your registered device associated with the digital account.

So if a hacker or a store employee tries to use that card number, it will not work. They have no way of accessing your actual bank account. A mobile wallet isn't “just as secure" as your debit card, it's more secure.

Our bankers will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about using a mobile wallet. As we mentioned earlier, our Mobile Wallet offerings are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and FitBit Pay. We feel that this is innovative technology that falls right in line with our core values, and we hope you will embrace it along with us.

Our Bankers in Alabama Would Love to Work With You!

At Bryant Bank, family is at that heart of what matters most. And for us, Alabama is that family. Our vision is to see Alabamians experience a financially stable future and live in a thriving community. To accomplish this, Bryant Bankers put care into action each day to help others invest in their full potential. We are proud to offer Personal, Business, and Mortgage Banking services. Click here to locate your closest Bryant Bank or to open an account with us today. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. NMLS 582857.



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