Personal Services


Debit Cards

Never pay a fee again!

When you bank with us, you can enjoy the ease and convenience of a Bryant Bank Debit Card by choosing from our standard card or the special commemorative card pictured to the right. And the best news is you will never have to pay an ATM terminal fee again. If you use our machine, you’re not charged. And, we’ll even reimburse you for fees you are charged for using your Bryant Bank ATM card at another banks’ machine. Just send us your receipts and we will credit the account for the full amount.

How’s that for unbeatable service?

To report a lost or stolen Debit or Credit Card, click here.

Overdraft Protection

Say Goodbye to Overdraft Charges
When you qualify for overdraft protection at Bryant Bank

To err is human. To overdraw your account is pure frustration. So, drop by your branch and apply for an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit. It will only take minutes to ensure you never have to pay an overdraft fee again.

Subject to credit approval. Per transaction fees may apply

Consolidated Statements

If you have more than one account with Bryant Bank, we will gladly provide you with a consolidated monthly statement for just $5 per month.

Personal Sweep Accounts

Bryant Personal Investment Sweep
Sweep to and from any Bryant Personal Interest Bearing Account.
$7.50 monthly fee

Bryant Loan Sweep
Funds swept to and from Bryant Bank Line of Credit.
$10 monthly fee

Bryant Protection Sweep
Funds swept from another Bryant Bank Personal Account or Line of Credit to your Primary Personal Account to protect against overdraft.
$5 fee per sweep.

Wire Transfers

Bryant Bank’s hometown approach to banking is always backed up by the latest technology. For starters, we’re fully equipped to handle all your electronic funds transfer needs.